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  • Art By Susan Bagrationoff Image designer
  • Fraid Photographer
  • Jean-Francis Auburtin Author
  • Margastyle Clothing designer
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  • Margastyle

    I am very happy to be back at Artfolio. This time with a combination of my 50+ modelportfolio ánd my costumes, hats and couture. Artfolio has developed itself as a very user-friendly portfolio-forum and great community ! I hope Artfolio will be more populair in the Netherlands soon. I will promote Artfolio intensely !


  • Kevin Hayden

    I was not very PC literate when I started on Artfolio, so it was great to find a site so easy to use and with such a wide audience in the photographic world. Well done Artfolio!

    Kevin Hayden

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