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    The seasons 3 & 4 of the successful series "Wynonna Earp" will soon be coming to Syfy France. You will especially be able to hear me as Jolene, played by actress Zoie Palmer.

    "Wynonna Earp" S3 French teaser

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    The film "Joey & Ella", in which I dub Ella, will be shown tonight on French TV, on the channel Gulli.

    Joey & Ella - French trailer

    When Joey, a baby kangaroo, gets lost and finds herself chased by a couple of thieves because […]

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  • The first episodes of the Hulu series "Light as a Feather" will be shown in exclusivity on Elle Girl TV this coming Thursday 09/05. I am the French voice of Haley Ramm aka Violet, the new student with a secret...

  • I have recently worked on the new ITV drama THE LOCH, doing the voice of a French Reporter in Episode 3. The first episode will be aired on Sunday (11th June) at 8pm. Check out the trailer, it looks amazing:

  • I've recently had the pleasure to dub in French actress Lulu Jovovich playing the character of Jolene in the scary film "Curse of the Dream Witch" that will be aired on Syfy France on 25 October at 9pm:

  • The episode 4 of the second season of BBC TV show "Accused", "Tina's Story", will air tonight on French TV (RMC Story channel). I am the voice of Tina Dakin, superbly played by actress Anna Maxwell Martin.

  • In the French version of the brilliant TV show "The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco" that has just come out on Netflix, I am the voice of Hailey Yarner, played by Chanelle Peloso.

  • The Australian film "Ladies in Black" (French title: Les petites robes noires) is released today in DVD and VOD. Based on Madeleine St. John's novel of the same name, it tells the story of women working in the big store F. G. Goode's in Sydney in […]

  • The film "Jonathan" is now available in VOD in France. I dub Suki Waterhouse a.k.a Elena, the girlfriend who will be the reason for the rivalry between Jonathan and his other self...

  • I'm delighted to have voiced this video in English for Marionnaud for their new digital concept "Allo Boutique" that makes it easier and safer for their customers.

  • The French audiobook of "La Capture de Cara" ("Capturing Cara") narrated by myself and written by American best-selling author S.E. Smith is released today! It's the second volume of her highly successful romance fantasy book series "The Dragon […]

  • Here's an extract in French of the Spanish sitcom "Pequeñas Coincidencias" ("Little Coincidences") in which I dub Elisa (Alicia Rubio) who is helping her friend Marta choose the perfect date... The first two seasons of the series are available on […]

  • Here's the French trailer for German film "Invisible Girl" (Original title: "Invisible Sue") in which I dub the lead actress Ruby M. Lichtenberg a.k.a. Sue Hartmann, a teenager who has the power to become invisible.

  • In this sci-fi film currently shown on Syfy, I am the French voice of spaceship pilot Ragsland whom we can briefly hear in the trailer.

  • Today is the international release of the French audiobook version of fantasy/romance novel "L'Enlèvement d'Abby" ("Abducting Abby") written by best-selling author S.E. Smith and narrated by myself. Available on Amazon, Audible etc.

  • Here's the trailer for the film "Bernie le Dauphin" (Bernie the Dolphin) in which I dub actress Lily Cardone aka Sidney, a young woman looking after dolphins. It will be shown on French television on 13th April.

  • Here's a scene from "Bernie le Dauphin" (Bernie the Dolphin) now available on France 4 Replay. You can hear me as Sidney, a young woman who's looking after the dolphins.

  • I have recently worked on this tutorial video for International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  • The French version of the film "Daffodils", in which I dub the lead actress Rose McIver, is now available in DVD and VOD under the title "Songs of Love". Here is the trailer:

  • Nica Harrison's beautiful and haunting animation short in which I do the female voice is now available online. Enjoy!

    Illusions from Dominica Harrison on Vimeo.

  • The French trailer is out for "The Mortuary" ("The Mortuary Collection" in OV), the perfect film for Halloween. In this film that comprises different stories, I dub Sam, the young woman who comes to work at the mortuary...

  • I am very excited to announce that the film "Ip Man 4: The Finale" is coming out today in French cinemas that are opening for the first time in months! I am very happy to dub young actress Vanda Margraf who is playing Yonah in what has been a […]

  • The beautiful animated film "Willy et le lac gelé" in which I dub several characters, comes out today in selected French cinemas.

  • The French trailer has just been released for "Silverland: La Cité de Glace" ("Silver Skates" in OV), a beautiful Russian epic period film in which I dub Alissa, a young aristocrat who dreams of studying sciences and who falls in love with a […]

  • In the film "Dans le Silence de l'Ouest" ("The Keeping Room" in OV), I dub the lead character's sister, Louise, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

  • "Level 16" is a dystopian drama about girls being raised in a school of a very different kind... In this film, I dub Miss Brixil played by Sara Canning.

  • Here is the French trailer for the film "Contaminations" ("The Devil has a name" in OV), in which I dub Gigi played by Kate Bosworth.

  • The French trailer for "The Nightingale", the latest film by Jennifer Kent, is out! In this unforgettable film, I dub lead character Clare, astoundingly played by Aisling Franciosi.

  • Earlier this year I recorded the voice over for the following spot for Seat Ibiza on Spotify.

  • The new Amazon Prime original show "The Collection" for which I did some voice work is now available to watch on Amazon Prime!

  • Earlier this year I recorded the French voice for this Blédina spot that was aired on Spotify.

  • On 19th December on the show "The Listening Post" on Al Jazeera, there will be a retrospective of the Arab Spring that took place 10 years ago in Tunisia. In this documentary, I am the English voice of Monia Ben Hamadi, Editor-in-chief of webzine […]

  • "The Secret Life of Mia" 2016 shows that took place in Liverpool and St Helens are now over. Thank you to everyone who came along and to all who supported us. It's been a wonderful adventure and the feedback has been amazing. Pictures coming […]

  • The website of my newly-founded theatre company La Banshee is now live! Visit www.labanshee.co.uk

  • I've had the pleasure of recording the voice over for this Monaco Travel Guide for Expedia - stunning place!

  • Dead Ant

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    Here's an extract in French of the film "Dead Ant" by Ron Carlson. Giant killer ants, rock and a bit of silliness... with my voice in the role of Sam played by Sydney Sweeney and... of an ant. ;-)

  • Trailer of the film "L'Odyssée d'Albert" (Jurassic Pet) shown tonight on French TV. I am the French voice of Carrie, Chris' friend.