09/2005 - Artfolio invents the InterestRank / IR

InterestRank / IR

InterestRank is a portfolio rating system devised and developed by Artfolio. InterestRank analyses the behaviour of visitors to each portfolio in order to evaluate what their level of interest is.

The InterestRank is recalculated every day at 01:00 [GMT + 01:00] over the period of the previous 15 days.

The InterestRank is expressed from 0 to 100,000

Our advice to increase your InterestRank.

  • Prepare the content and presentation of your portfolio carefully.
  • In the Artfolio directory, select only the sections that are related to your skills or your ambitions. Give the highest possible estimate of your level of experience. Select the status (amateur/semi-professional/professional) that applies to you.
  • To be listed in other site directories, choose the most appropriate directory section. Give as full a description as possible (e.g.: Professional model available for parades in Paris).

How to follow the development of your visitors' interest

We have established two indicators for you to consult from your statistics pages: The number of pages viewed per visitor and the bounce rate. The bounce rate represents the percentage of visitors that leave the website after having seen only one page. (A low rate is a good sign)


Where is the portfolio InterestRank displayed ?

When you place the mouse on the InterestRank bar, a bubble indicates the rating (from 0 to 100,000)

Where is my portfolio InterestRank displayed ?

Why is my InterestRank at Zero ?

Your portfolio may be too recent, you must wait for 10 days from the date of creation to receive your first assessment. If your InterestRank is below 10,000, the bar is shown in grey. Otherwise, follow our advice.

How does the InterestRank bar work ?

Barre InterestRank InterestRank
0 ≤ IR < 10,000
10,000 ≤ IR < 20,000
20,000 ≤ IR < 30,000
And so on, until the tenth rating:
IR = 100,000