09/05/11 - [portfolio] Increased photo sizes and portfolios

Artfolio has become compatible with the new screen resolutions by increasing photo sizes.
  • The format for large sized photos has changed from 550x550 pixels to 800x800 pixels (110% increased surface area).
  • The format for thumbnail versions of photos has changed from 120x120 pixels to 160x160pixels.
This increase has allowed the portfolio style to be enlarged.

Important If you want to use the new photo sizes for photos added prior to 09/05/2011, you have to delete them and then re-insert the new photos in your portfolio.

We have added a system that recalculates the sizes of photos so as to avoid having to use the scrollbar when viewing a photo. If your browser has a reduced display area, photos may not be displayed at their maximum size (800x800 pixels). Should this occur, press F11 to go to full screen mode. If your screen allows it, you can increase the resolution or remove any navigation bars that you don't use (personalised bar, favourites, status bar...).