01/24/14 - Portfolios in tablet version

Following the mobile version, we have just implemented an optimised version for tablets. Tablets currently represent 7% of the connections (13% for mobile).

If you don't have a tablet at your disposal, you can access the tablet version from your computer by reducing the width of the browser window. If you decrease the dimensions of the window even further, the mobile version is presented.

You should note that depending on the resolution of your tablet screen and its orientation (notably in landscape mode), the desktop version (classic view) may be displayed. Similarly the tablet version may appear on a mobile, notably in landscape mode. This means that the screen resolution of the device is high enough to display the higher version. The version presented does not depend on the type of device used, but rather on the width of its screen.

Visit the demonstration portfolio:
By altering the width of the window, the presentation of the content is adjusted to the new dimensions.