07/18/17 - 1,600 and 4,000px formats (4k / UHD / Retina screens): Your pictures as beautiful as possible, as fast as possible.

Until now we have saved each photo in 2 different formats: miniature format and 800px format. But from now on, for images that are sufficiently high resolution, we are adding 2 additional photo formats: 1,600px and 4,000px.

The browser will then automatically display the optimum format, not only according to the screen's definition, orientation and level of zoom, but also depending on the internet connection speed.

Quality is no longer synonymous with slow page loading. For this we use a compression method that enables 4k images to load as quickly as HD images. The weight of the image is divided by 3, which means the waiting time is also divided by 3. The result is that 4k images weigh less than 1 MB, with no loss of quality.

The original photos are not stored on our server. After having generated the appropriate formats for rapid loading, the original photo will be deleted. However, to enable the system to generate the best possible formats for the internet, so that your photos are as beautiful as possible, we recommend uploading images in the largest format you have. If you can, send your original photos without resizing.

All photos sent before 07/18/2017 will remain in 800px format. If you wish to upload a larger image size, you will need to delete the existing photo before uploading the new heavier version.

We will shortly be optimising the portfolios completely, along with the Book.fr interface, by displaying images with a high pixel density for ultra HD screens.