Artfolio Sponsorship Program

How does it work?

Each portfolio on Artfolio has a unique sponsorship link :

When someone uses your link to sign up, they become your sponsoree. For each new portfolio validated by a sponsoree, you receive free subscription months!

  • 3-Month Plan: If your sponsoree chooses this plan, you get 1 additional month.
  • 12-Month Plan: For this plan, you earn 3 additional months.

The Follow, Feed, and Powered by Artfolio links on your portfolio are also sponsorship links. The more your portfolio is visited, the more chances you have to extend your subscription!

No limit: Refer as many people as you want. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Share with your network: Send your sponsorship link to your contacts to maximize your chances.

Self-Sponsorship: Create a new portfolio via your own sponsorship link and get credits on your current subscription.

Valid for 6 Months: If a visitor uses your link but only validates their portfolio later, no worries! The information is stored via a cookie on their computer for 6 months. If your sponsoree activates their portfolio within this timeframe, your subscription is automatically credited.

How to know when your subscription has been credited? You will receive a notification email each time a successful sponsorship adds duration to your subscription.

Where can I get my sponsorship link?

The link only appears if the portfolio is valid.

  • Go to the CONFIGURATION section.
  • The sponsorship link is located at the bottom of the page: Sponsorship.