Promote Artfolio and we will extend your subscription!

Condition: To be a sponsor, your portfolio must be valid.

Each portfolio is allocated a sponsorship link: https://www.artfolio.com/?ref=sponsorshipcode
(or https://www.book.fr/?ref=sponsorshipcode)

When users click on your sponsorship link, they are redirected to the Artfolio home page and they then become your sponsoree. For each new portfolio validated by your sponsoree your subscription will automatically be credited as follows:

  • If your sponsoree opts for a 3-month formula: 1 month extension to your portfolio's validity period.
  • If your sponsoree opts for a 12-month formula: 3 month extension to your validity period.

The Powered by Artfolio link at the bottom of your portfolio is a sponsorship link: the higher the number of visits to your portfolio, the longer your portfolio subscription could be extended! You can also add a more visible sponsorship link to your portfolio if you wish to increase your chances.

There is no limit to the number of users you can sponsor.

Please feel free to send the sponsorship link to all your friends.

You can also sponsor yourself:
You want to create a new portfolio? Click on your own sponsorship link and your first portfolio will be credited.

What if a visitor clicks on my sponsorship link and validates his portfolio 3 weeks later?

From the moment a visitor clicks on your sponsorship link, a cookie stores the information on their computer. Each cookie has a six-month life span. In other terms: if your sponsoree decides to validate their portfolio up to 6 months later, your subscription will still be credited automatically!

How will I be informed when my subscription has been credited?

Each time a sponsorship is validated, we will send you an email including:

  • Your sponsoree's address.
  • The formula they opted for.
  • The number of months added to your portfolio.

How do I get my sponsorhip link?

Links only show when the portfolio is valid.

  • Go to the portfolio manager page.
  • Click on the "Modify the portfolio" icon.
  • You will find the sponsorship link at the bottom of the Home page.