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For twenty years now, actors have trusted us to publish their online portfolio in order to present their profile and their experiences to improve their online presence and offer them new professional opportunities.

Our internet offer for actors

Even if we are precursors in the accompaniment of the online artists, we are not the only platform so why choose Artfolio ?

  • Because the quality of your photos is optimized for high resolution screens (4k, UHD, Retina) while being compressed with the latest technologies for an exceptional display speed.
  • Because there is no limit on the number of photos, galleries or pages you want to add.
  • Because you have customization possibilities (template, colors, fonts, ...) allowing you to have a final result that fits perfectly with the image you want to give to visitors.
  • Because you will appear in the actors directory thus boosting your visibility by benefiting from the strength of our referencing on search engines.

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  • Password on private galleries
  • Custom domain name
  • Links to your social networks and sharing buttons
  • Easy integration of videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and audios (Soundcloud) on your pages.
  • Activate comments on your pages and photos.
  • Ability to add news.

A website at a lower cost

Only $ 2.5 per month without commitment or tacit renewal.

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Get visits to your portfolio as soon as you are listed in the directory thanks to :

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Examples of actor's websites

Take advantage of Artfolio subscribers experience to visit their portfolios and see how they have used the features to design their websites. Select a theme and click on the results.

    List of examples

You can also consult the demo portfolio which includes the latest features.

Testimonials from actors

  • Margastyle

    I am very happy to be back at Artfolio. This time with a combination of my 50+ modelportfolio ánd my costumes, hats and couture. Artfolio has developed itself as a very user-friendly portfolio-forum and great community ! I hope Artfolio will be more populair in the Netherlands soon. I will promote Artfolio intensely !


  • Thenew Photolook

    Thanks to Artfolio for this convenient site.

    Thenew Photolook

Create my actor's portfolio

What are the steps to create an actor's website ?

You can of course complete your portfolio as inspiration strikes, but we want to save you time with the following tips :

  • Think about what you want to highlight on your home page (e.g. "Stunt Comedian") and use the Title 1 format to help search engines rank you correctly in their results. If you are registered in several categories (many actresses are also models/singers/dancers) we encourage you to create a page for each activity. Write a text presenting your background: study/qualification, experiences, your desires ...
  • Prepare in advance the names of the photo galleries that will present your work and carefully select corresponding photos. When adding your photos (easy with drag'n drop) take the time to fill in a title and a description in order to improve your referencing.
  • Prepare the list of social networks on which you are active in order to enter them in our interface.
  • Create as many pages as you see fit. Most of the actors listed on Artfolio have pages like videos and experience. By default, contact and comment pages will be present but you can deactivate them if needed. We encourage you to create partner pages to present for example the directors or makeup artists/hairstylists you work with.

FAQ Actors

  • Can I create a website without technical knowledge ?
    Of course, that's the whole point of Artfolio platform : allow everyone to present their work on the Internet without being a computer scientist.
  • Can I use my own domain name?
    We offer this feature and we encourage you to buy your own domain name (a .com costs about 10 euros per year) to give your portfolio an even more professional look. To know more about it
  • Will the quality of my photos be preserved ?
    Yes, we transform the photos you upload into a series of several photos of different sizes (no need to display an image of 4000 pixels on a phone that is 300 pixels) with compression algorithms that allow to keep an optimal definition while guaranteeing an almost instantaneous display speed for visitors comfort.
  • Can I insert videos on my portfolio ?
    Yes and as much as you want. Unlike photos, we do not host your videos on our servers. In our text editor, all you have to do is click on the media icon and copy/paste the URL of the page hosting your media (Youtube or Vimeo for videos and SoundCloud for music) and the integration will be done automatically.

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