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Since 2002, Artfolio has been a forerunner in assisting models who wish to put their portfolio online in order to present their work, improve their reputation and offer them new professional opportunities.

Our web offer for models

There are many generalist or specialized platforms allowing the creation of websites, so why choose Artfolio ?

  • Because you will appear in models directory boosting your visibility by benefiting from the strength of our referencing on search engines.
  • Because the quality of your photos is optimized for high resolution screens (4k, UHD, Retina) while being compressed with the latest technologies for an exceptional display speed.
  • Because there is no limit on the number of photos, galleries or pages you want to add.
  • Because you have customization possibilities (template, colors, fonts, ...) allowing you to have a final result that fits perfectly with the image you want to give to visitors.

See more features

  • Password on private galleries.
  • Custom domain name.
  • Links to your social networks and sharing buttons.
  • Easy integration of videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and audios (Soundcloud) on your pages.
  • Activate comments on your pages and photos.
  • Ability to add news.

A website at a lower cost

Only $ 2.5 per month without commitment or tacit renewal.

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Gain visibility on the web as soon as you register in the directory thanks to :

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Examples of model's websites

Take inspiration from existing model portfolios to see different presentation possibilities. Choose a theme and click on the results below to see what models have done with it.

    List of examples

You can also consult the demo portfolio which includes the latest page layout features.

Testimonials from models

  • Margastyle

    I am very happy to be back at Artfolio. This time with a combination of my 50+ modelportfolio ánd my costumes, hats and couture. Artfolio has developed itself as a very user-friendly portfolio-forum and great community ! I hope Artfolio will be more populair in the Netherlands soon. I will promote Artfolio intensely !


  • Thenew Photolook

    Thanks to Artfolio for this convenient site.

    Thenew Photolook

Create my model's portfolio

What are the steps to create a model website ?

The competition is strong in this field of activity so to put a maximum of chance on your side, a well constructed and detailed portfolio will be a significant asset to be spotted and contacted by agencies, photographers and recruiters. Here is our advice:

  • Prepare a text presenting yourself: what brought you to this modeling activity, the styles for which you accept to pose (portraits, fashion, lingerie, extras, fashion show, video clip, ...), your conditions according to your status as an amateur or professional (posing for prints, remuneration, travel radius, availability ...), the languages you speak, your state of mind and any other information that you deem useful.
  • Create galleries either by theme or by shooting, get inspired by the portfolios of more experienced models. Select carefully the corresponding photos. When uploading your photos (easy with drag'n drop) take the time to fill in a title and a description in order to improve your referencing in image search engines.
  • Prepare the list of social networks on which you are active in order to enter them in our interface and add the address of your portfolio on your Facebook, Instagram etc.. This will allow a synergy between the users who will discover you on Artfolio and those who will discover you on other platforms.
  • Create as many pages as you see fit. Most of the models listed on Artfolio have pages like experiences or videos for those who have participated in shoots. Contact and comment pages will be enabled by default but you can disable them if needed. We encourage you to create partner pages to present for example photographers, makeup artists or hairdressers with whom you work.

FAQ Models

  • Can I create a website without computer knowledge ?
    This is the interest of our platform: to allow artists to present their work on the internet without having to worry about technical constraints: we make sure that your portfolio is displayed perfectly on all types of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) and that the quality of the photos uploaded adapts to the resolution of the screen to have the sharpest definition loaded as quickly as possible.
  • Can I have my own domain name ?
    Following numerous requests in the past, we have indeed developed this feature that we encourage you to use to make your domain name even more "professional" for a rather modest cost: a .com costs about ten euros per year. To know more about it
  • Will the quality of my photos be preserved ?
    Yes, we transform the photos you upload into a series of several photos of different sizes (no need to display an image of 4000 pixels on a phone that is 300 pixels) with compression algorithms that allow to keep an optimal definition while guaranteeing an almost instantaneous display speed for visitors comfort.

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