12/08/16 - More information about those who contact you = Greater security

Security is a permanent challenge on the internet: Advance-fee scam, false identity, company identity theft, casting scams etc. Safety is and always has been our priority, notably with the systems already in place such as: reporting forms, email alerts and blacklisting.

But we can do better, and we have done!

From now on whenever you receive a message you will also receive a Find out more about the sender link. This will serve to centralise as much information as possible: Is the email address associated with a Artfolio portfolio? , Ask Google , Geolocation of the IP address , Whois for email addresses with a domain name, etc.

And because unity is strength, Arfolio members have the possibility of sharing their opinions of those from whom they receive emails. So, at any time, you can check the opinions of other members and submit your own.